Product Specs

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Interchangeable parts
  • For heavy duty applications
  • Suitable for difficult sump pump applications

Applications of use

1500 Series

Series 1500 end suction pumps designed to ANSI B73.1 and manufactured fibreglass for excellent corrosion resistance.

Fybroc 1500

1600 Series

Series 1600 self-priming end suction pumps are ideally suited for corrosive waste sump applications and other demanding services. Except of the two piece casing all other parts are totally interchangeable with the series 1500 pump.

Fybroc 1600Fybroc 1630

3000 Series

Series 3000 pumps have a recessed impeller making them suitable for heavy duty applications, which combine solids and corrosive liquids, overcoming both clogging and corrosion.

Fybroc 3000

5500 Series

Series 5500 vertical column pumps are suitable for the most difficult sump pump applications such as chemical wastes of varying pH, plating wastes, circulation of pickling liquor, electrolytes or plating baths, salt water or brine.

Fybroc 5500

5530 Series

Series 5530 is a dry pit vertical column pump comes with FRP wrapped shaft for improved corrosion resistance.

Fybroc 5530

6000 Series

Series 6000 vertical column pumps are fitted with the recessed impeller from the series 3000 range and are suitable those sump applications that have suspended solids and corrosive fluids.

7000 Series

Series 7000 vertical column pumps are fitted with a recessed impeller but also have a bearing free cantilever design.

7500 Series

Series 7500 series pumps have a bearing free cantilever design with the standard series 1500 impeller design. They are available with an optional FRP wrapped shaft for improved corrosion resistance.

Fybroc 7500

2530 & 2580 Series

The series 2530 (ANSI) and series 2580 (ISO) magnetic drive pumps are claimed to be the first completely non-metallic FRP mag-drive.

Fybroc 2530

500 Series

As a supplement to the 2530/2580 series FRP mag-drive pumps Fybroc has added the 500 series close-coupled mag-drive pump range available in polypropylene and PVDF as an end suction as well as self-priming pump.

Materials of Construction

Standard VR-1 material is suitable for pumping most acids, caustics, bleaches, seawater & other liquids. Epoxy resin EY-2 material is suitable for solvents and difficult organic applications. Material VR-1A is for highly abrasive services such as titanium dioxide or fly ash. VR-1V provides a protective synthetic veil barrier on applications such as hydrofluoric acid, which would attack the fibreglass reinforcement of a normally constructed pump.