Product Specs

  • Product range covers many industries
  • Variety of materials for different applications
  • Latest technology enables cost effective running

Applications of use

Vertical multistage pumps for high pressure applications.

Single stage end suction centrifugal pumps to ISO 2858 standard. Pumps are also available as close coupled motorpump versions where space is limited.

TP series in-line motorpumps.

NB series single stage end suction.

In-line circulating pumps for domestic hot water and commercial heating systems.

Submersible pumps for pumping grey water, storm water, treated effluent, raw sewage, water treatment.

Lifting stations designed for collecting & pumping sewage & effluent from discharge levels below the sewage line.

General transfer pumps for pumping clean water in light industrial, commercial & domestic applications.

Immersible pumps for pumping of coolants & lubricants for machine tools, condensate transfer, etc.

Submersible borehole pumps for domestic irrigation & water supply, pressure boosting, water treatment, dewatering.


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