The progressing cavity pump principle is ideal for handling liquids that can be slurries, viscous, shear sensitive, 2 or 3 phase mixtures or when applications require, significant suction lift capabilities.

The principle inherent in the pump design is ideally suited for both low to high flow applications.

The heart of the Mono pump is the rotor and stator. As the single helix rotor revolves eccentrically within the double helix of the stator, a continuous cavity is formed and progresses towards the discharge end of the pump as the rotor rotates.

Mono manufacture a large number of different pump ranges totalling in excess of 120 pump models, with flows ranging from 10 l/h up to 420,000 l/h. Differential pressures up to 48 bar are easily handled and for special applications, higher pressure pump designs up to 72 bar can be offered. The design principle also allows for the development of multi-stage pumps that increase the pressure handling capabilities.


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