Pump Engineering Inc.

Applications of use

PEI provides the best energy recovery solution by harnessing the spent energy from the filter membranes in RO plants of all sizes.


The efficiency levels achieved by the AT TurboChargers make them the most efficient energy recovery devices of any type for RO trains sized above 250 m3/h.


Driven entirely by the second stage concentrate the LPT boosts the interstage stream of two stage RO systems without adding to power costs.


The High Pressure TurboCharger (HPT) takes the rich amine stream from the contactor and depressurizes it with a high speed hydraulic turbine. This turbine replaces the pressure throttling normally done by the contactor's liquid level control valve. The HPT is placed downstream of the high pressure pump and boosts the pressure of the lean amine going into the contactor. The HPT is also suitable for glycol systems.


The new HALO TurboCharger is a low cost version suitable for smaller RO systems.

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