Service Proceedure

Each pump that comes into our workshop for repair is given a thorough inspection. To ensure that our reputation is maintained quality components are used in all our repairs. Experienced fitters can carry out repairs in our workshop or on-site, depending on the requirements of the customer.

Service Approach

When a pump is sent to us for repair it is booked in and given it's own job number. It is then scheduled for inspection by one of our highly trained service personnel.

At the inspection stage the service fitter responsible for the pump is able to ascertain if it is appropriate to be repaired. If it is beyond economical repair the customer is advised and a replacement pump is offered by our sales staff. Otherwise a comprehensive list of components required to carry out the repair is noted and a detailed repair quotation is sent to the customer.

Once approval has been received from the customer the pump is scheduled for repair and the customer notified upon completion. As a rule various tests, depending on the pump type, are carried out to ensure that the pump is in proper working order when it is returned to the customer.

A record of the repair is kept for future reference.