Sustainable pumping solutions

Pump Engineers is a supplier and service and repairs provider of premium pumping equipment across multiple industries, including food & beverage, water utilities, commercial building services, irrigation, mining, and chemical processing. We provide effective, smart and energy efficient solutions for any pumping project or requirements, no matter the size, or complexity.

Pump Engineers supplies and services a range of quality brand pumps from around the world.

Grundfos products covers a broad range of pumping applications across the entire water life cycle. In addition to these quality products, Pump Engineers provides fully customised Grundfos solutions to meet your needs. With extensive application knowledge from their global presence, Grundfos are at the forefront of new and innovative pump and pump system technologies. Pump Engineers is a certified Grundfos elite industry partner.

Truflo has been manufacturing ANSI and API centrifugal process l pumps since 1984. It has developed a wide variety of process pumps for various industries, including refineries, petrochemical plants, paper mills, mining, chemical plants, pharmaceutical, steel, textiles, food and beverage, plating, chemical injection, pipelines, boiler feed, power and utility, automotive and OEMs.

Fybroc is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) pumps. These fiberglass centrifugal pumps offer excellent corrosion resistance without having to use costly and volatile exotic metals. They are available in different materials to provide corrosion resistance for tough applications, including acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, solvents, seawater, and a wide range of waste liquids.

ARO positive displacement pumps are expertly engineered for performance and reliability. Their diaphragm pumps, piston pumps and lubrication equipment deliver the best total cost of ownership available on the market, helping customers get the most from their compressed air systems. ARO fluid handling solutions are used in industries around the globe, including chemical, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, mining and more.


Jung Hyghspin pumps are suitable for any viscous substance that flows freely. They can handle lumpy, fibrous, or gaseous fluids and have excellent suction performance. These pumps are particularly suited to the food & beverage industry, as they can also be used for CIP and SIP, eliminating the need for a separate pump for these functions. Ideal for shear sensitive fluids and food products that are subject to degradation from aggressive pumping action.

Landia chopper pumps and mixer solutions are perfect for wastewater, biogas, agriculture and the recycling of waste products. Their comprehensive range of chopper pumps, propeller mixers and aerators can be customised and provide solutions and systems for difficult to handle liquids with high dry matter content, liquid biomass and other organic waste.

Recognised worldwide for high-quality chemical process and high temperature metallic centrifugal pumps, these pumps are manufactured in a variety of metals to handle a broad range of high temperature and chemical process applications.

Flowserve offers the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of fluid motion and control products. Flowserve pumps and systems are vital components in the worldwide oil & gas, hydrocarbon & chemical processing, power generation, water resources and general process and industrial industries.

COXREELS manufactures heavy duty professional grade hose, cord, and cable reels. Their comprehensive selection includes spring retractable, hand crank and motorised hose, cord and cable reels and patented EZ-Coil® Safety Series spring retractable reels with controlled rewind. COXREELS are a worldwide leader in the reel industry. They can engineer and manufacture products for any conceivable application where reels are required.

The Pumpseal range of pumps and technology solutions is at the forefront of industrial fluid handling, offering cutting-edge solutions that cater to diverse applications across various sectors. Efficiency, reliability, and sustainability are paramount and with its commitment to excellence and innovation, Pumpseal is trusted when it comes to ensuring seamless fluid transport and management.

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